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asked questions
How should I choose a suitable mattress?

Why do I have a "back pain" when I sleep on the newly purchased mattress?
Mu Sir's friend recently complained about the uncomfortable sleep on the newly purchased bed at home. He could not
sleep well and even have a backache every day.
Maybe the mattress is not for you!

1. Determine the mattress size
How big should the mattress be?
Let us first imagine that when you sleep soundly, and suddenly an arm put on your waist, even if you sleep well, you will not feel at ease.Therefore, within the maximum limit of the bedroom area, try to choose a bigger mattress. A mattress of 1.8m x 2m is recommended for a double bed in real sense.

2. Select the material
At present, there are many mattress materials on the market, and different material combinations can produce different effects.

Different materials have different effects
Barrel-shaped pocket spring: mute and noise-immune. By zoning, it can also provide exclusive support for different parts of the body.
Latex: good support, protect the lumbar vertebrae, remove mites and inhibit bacteria, breathable and moisture wicking.
Memory foam: high fit, slow rebound at zero pressure, can fully absorb pressure and provide balanced support for the body.
3D material: The unique "X" structure can effectively support the human body curve. The six-sided breathable hollow three-dimensional structure takes away moisture and stuffiness, dry and anti-bacteria.
Fine Revo: This new material, soft and resilient, not only gives people the feeling of being wrapped like latex and memory foam, but also provides the support like barrel-shaped pocket spring. It can be extended 360 degrees in all directions, durable, moisture-proof and anti-bacterial.

After figuring out the function of different materials, you should choose mattresses of different materials according to your weight, height and other comprehensive factors.

3. Determine the required firmness
This is the most important step in choosing a mattress. The firmness of the mattress has a very important effect on the health of the spine. The human spine is like an S-shaped curve seen from the side.
If you sleep on a mattress that is too firm to match the normal curve of the human spine for a long time, it would cause deformation of the spine. Therefore, for the people with low back pain, sleeping on a firm bed will only exacerbate low back pain! Of course, a mattress that is too soft is also unfriendly to the spine. When people lie on a soft mattress, the spine is curved, leading to uneven stress on the body and concentrated on the lower part of the body. It will cause back strain, or spine-related diseases. Therefore, we should choose a medium firm mattress that is most suitable for ourselves.

The question is what is a medium-firm mattress?
A medium-firm mattress allows you to keep your spine level when you sleep on your side, and supports the weight of the whole body when you sleep on your back.

How to choose a medium-firm mattress?

The method is very simple. Just try it. When choosing a mattress, you can try to sleep on the mattress for 20 minutes. You can lie on your back first and then lie on your side, feel the support of the lower spine. The mattress that can keep your spine in a straight line is the right one.
A mattress that suits you can not only improve your sleep quality, but also allow you to have plenty of energy to meet the challenges every day.

How to choose a pillow that suits you?

I believe that many friends have encountered such problems: sleep very early last night, but still want to continue to sleep when waking up in the morning; after 8-hour sleep, but still feel very tired after waking up in the morning; wake up and have a back pain and even a stiff neck; if you have the same experience, then you should consider if there is anything wrong with the pillow?
A pillow that is not suitable for you may affect your sleep quality. How to choose a pillow that suits you? Mu Sir tells you that it is easy to select a pillow that suits you, just take the following three steps!

1.Choose the height of the pillow
The height of the pillow often varies from person to person. It is not true that the higher the more appropriate. The reasonable size of the pillow is closely related to the vertical height of the neck, the height of the head when lying on your back, the width of the shoulder and the height of the face when lying on your side.
Then how to choose a suitable height? Recommend a simple and practical calculation formula:
Shoulder width: sit with your hands hanging down naturally, and find the clavicular sign on the outermost side of the shoulders, the straight distance between the two points.
Head width: measure the distance between the outermost ends of the head.

2. Pick the shape of the pillow
With the height problem solved, the next step is to choose the shape of the pillow, O-shaped pillow, B-shaped pillow, three-back-shaped pillow ...How should we choose from so many shapes?
Before choosing a shape, let's look at the human spine. Under normal circumstances, seen from the side, the human spine has several physiological curvatures, of which the cervical spine features physiological lordosis.
The so-called physiological lordosis means when the cervical spine is in such a slightly protruding posture, the neck muscles are generally in a balanced and relaxed state, the cervical disc and ligament joints of the cervical spine are also in a balanced state, and the pressure load is the minimal.
In light of shape, the wavy pillow, namely the B-shaped pillow mentioned above, best fits the curve of the cervical spine. It can not only wrap in our huge back of the head, but also provides a good support for the neck.

3. Choose the firmness of the pillow
Whether a soft pillow or a firm one should be chosen? In fact, the first step in choosing the firmness of the pillow is to figure out your sleeping position. Sleeping position is generally divided into three types, namely: lateral position, supine position, and prostrate position. It is not difficult to judge. Before going to bed every night and after waking up in the morning, pay attention to what kind of sleeping position you are in, and after a few days you can know which type you fall into.

Lateral position: For those who are used to lying on the side, the pillow with high elasticity is suitable, to provide additional support for the neck. The role of the firm pillow is to provide sufficient support so that the neck and head are aligned with the spine, just like when standing in the daytime. In this way, the fatigue of the neck will be reduced, and sleep will be better. The firmness of latex pillows or memory pillows is ideal.
Supine position: for those who are used to lying on the back, the pillow with medium firmness is suitable, on which the head can rest comfortably. The pillows filled with polyester fiber are a good choice.
Prostrate position: For those who tend to lie on the back, soft pillows should be chosen, because this will get the head close to the bed surface as possible. The optimal ones are pillows filled with down.

Pillows are the key to a good sleep. Choosing the right pillow will make you have a good dream every night.

What bed size should you choose?

The bed is a major part of the bedroom furniture. Naturally the size of the bed must be determined first. If the bedroom space is large enough, a big double bed is the best choice. However, if the bedroom space is limited, you can select the bed size with reference to the following data, to maximize the use of space and save space for other furniture.
Bedroom space: less than 10 square meters; Bed size: 1.2m;
                          10-20 square meters; 1.5m;
                          Over 20 square meters; over 1.8m;

What bed height should you choose?

The height of the bed frame is generally around 30cm, and around 50cm-60cm plus the mattress, which is slightly above the knees. Such a height is suitable for Asians, and makes it easier to get in and out of the bed. If there are elderly or children at home, the bed height should be slightly below the user's knees to ensure safety.

How should the crib be placed?

Many parents would place a crib in the bedroom. Therefore, you should choose movable furniture as possible, in order to leave spare space in the bedroom to provide for the birth and growth of the baby. Secondly, as for the way you place it, you should pay attention to two points: 1. don't let the air conditioner blow it directly; 2. make sure the baby can be placed in and taken out easily. Therefore, it is advisable to place the crib in such a way that the baby can be taken in two directions, and the crib should be adjusted to a suitable height.

Do you need to buy the bedside cupboard?

The bedside cupboard in the bedroom is an accessory beside the bed. It can be used to store miscellaneous articles and maintain the overall beauty of the bed. The height of the bedside cupboard depends on the size of the bed. For a 1.5m bed, a bedside cupboard with a width of about 50cm can be considered. For a 1.8m bed, a bedside table with a width of more than 60cm can be considered. The height is generally about 45cm. The bedside cupboard which is slightly lower than the bed is advisable. If the bedroom space is too small, you can also consider not buying a bedside cupboard. Such items as TV cabinets, TVs, etc can be omitted if possible, for they are not frequently used and occupy the space.

What kind of fabric is more cost-effective for a four-piece set?

I don't know if you have encountered such an embarrassment in summer: turning on the air conditioner at night, you would feel cold without the quilt, and feel hot with the quilt on.
Quilts and sheets for winter are not suitable in summer, and quilts and sheets for summer are not useful in other seasons. Does the use of the four-piece set depend on the season?
The use of the four-piece set depends on the season. Many people use the one and same four-piece set all year round. When the season changes, some people will feel uncomfortable in sleep. Today Mu Sir will teach you how to choose a comfortable four-piece set, and what material is suitable for use in summer.

1.Material is an important consideration in choosing a four-piece set
Material is an important factor that affects the comfort of the four-piece set. Common bedding materials include:

Pure cotton: Pure cotton is a natural fiber, breathable and hygroscopic, soft and non-irritating to the skin, cost-effective, and suitable for all seasons.
Silk: Silk with a silky feel is a hot material in recent years. It is not only bright in color, but also anti-mite and bacteriostatic. It is very suitable in summer!
Tencel: Tencel is also suitable for summer. It is silky, hygroscopic and shiny.
Linen: Linen, known as "natural air conditioning", is not only moisture wicking, dry and breathable, but also not easy to shrink and anti-static.

Different materials have different characteristics. When choosing a four-piece set, you should choose the material suitable for you. The bedding has direct contact with human skin, so it is best to choose the bedding made of natural fibers. Silk is a good choice. If you want to choose cost-effective bedding, you can also consider cotton fiber, especially long-staple cotton.

2.Long-staple cotton
Long-staple cotton, white, soft and shiny, light and even, is suitable for producing high-quality high-end bedding. In addition to being soft, breathable and comfortable, long-staple cotton is suitable for use in all seasons and is a cost-effective option. So Mu Sir will recommend you the new summer products of DeRUCCI Home Textiles! Besides desirable appearance, the soft and comfortable material will make you sleep more comfortably throughout the summer.